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DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT is an indie-focused publisher that specializes in localizing and releasing awesome games in both English and Japanese language regions. Our team has years of experience in both the development and publishing spaces, and we understand the problems and pitfalls that can occur during the game creation, localization, publishing, and marketing stages.

Whether you’re looking for a worldwide partner to take your game all over the globe, or you’re looking to expand your game’s reach to uncharted shores, DANGEN can help.

DANGEN offers a suite of services:


We’re registered publishers on multiple platforms, including Steam, Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. We’ll help you publish your game on as many platforms as you want to target, in as many regions as you want, as painlessly as possible.


As part of the publishing process, we’ll help you localize your game from English into Japanese or vice versa, and make sure that gamers will be able to enjoy a faithful, high quality experience in their native tongue.


As part of our publishing commitment, we’ll handle the marketing for every region. We’ll contact traditional game media, work with our partnered Twitch streamers to grow your game's online presence, and utilize partnerships with key media outlets, which allows us to deliver unique content above and beyond what other publishers are able to provide.


Want to publish your game on additional platforms, but don’t have the time or resources? We can work with our porting partners to create a faithful, bug-free port of your title, ready for release in as many regions as you’d like.

Whatever you’re looking for, DANGEN is here to help.

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